Fall Fashions for Denver Life Magazine

A couple weeks ago I shot my first layout for Denver Life Magazine, at beautiful Chautauqua Park in Boulder, Colorado. It should be hitting the stands any day now…I can’t wait to see what they chose for the cover!

The art director and I decided on a desaturated, sepia-ish color palette. One of our inspirations for this was the movie Letters From Iwo Jima, which was filmed in a faded cinematographic style…like looking through old photos found in an attic. Our rendering was a little bit different, but nonetheless captured a bit of that faded timelessness. A pragmatic reason we decided to go in that direction was that the saturated summery colors of our location—the bright green fields of grass, the wildflowers—weren’t quite “fall” looking enough. Some deft tweaking in Photoshop took care of that quite nicely.

Grey Sunshine

A handbag company, Grey Sunshine, asked me to shoot a bunch of photos for their new marketing materials. Our location was the scenic Sylvan Dale Ranch in Estes Park, Colorado.

Along with photos of the bags by themselves, and toted by the model, I shot a bunch of atmospheric “place studies” that featured nothing but the environment and the light that pervaded it. These are some of my favorites.

It’s not until just this very moment, as I see these three images together in this post, that I recognize—besides the light—another commonality they share: an almost (but how could it be?) haphazard division of the frame by chaotic diagonal lines, that gives these images a dynamic quality alongside the tranquil feeling they convey.

And no, not quite haphazard.  I see with such automatic deliberateness that composition is second nature to me, even when it’s intentionally done in an off-the-cuff manner. And that’s exactly how I wanted these shots to look…unaffected…offering up for the viewer a chance to fall in love with a beautiful place, one casual glimpse at a time.

Last Polaroid

In my fridge here at the studio, I have a box and a half left of Type 55 Polaroid 4×5 film. It sits, unused…replaced by a fast-moving industry that depends on digital technology to produce everything “on screen” on quick turn-around. It’s funny that it’s only a few months old, and I’m probably one of the last photographers around who ever used the stuff. In fact, on a recent trip to the equipment rental shop the counterman half-jokingly tried to sell me the Polaroid 4×5 back on a more permanent basis. Sadly, Type 55 Polaroid isn’t being made any more. Continue reading

Burning Man

Burning Man 2008. A great deal of personal effort this year was expended towards making this once-in-a-lifetime trek out to Nevada. Although this was my first visit to the playa, I went with Burning Man veteran Brandie Bond, fellow photographer and fire dancer. This trip would be special because Brandie’s close affiliation with the Burning Man in-crowd and scheduled pre-burn fire perfomance (which was sadly canceled due to dust storms) would give me up-front access. Continue reading