Fall Fashions for Denver Life Magazine

A couple weeks ago I shot my first layout for Denver Life Magazine, at beautiful Chautauqua Park in Boulder, Colorado. It should be hitting the stands any day now…I can’t wait to see what they chose for the cover!

The art director and I decided on a desaturated, sepia-ish color palette. One of our inspirations for this was the movie Letters From Iwo Jima, which was filmed in a faded cinematographic style…like looking through old photos found in an attic. Our rendering was a little bit different, but nonetheless captured a bit of that faded timelessness. A pragmatic reason we decided to go in that direction was that the saturated summery colors of our location—the bright green fields of grass, the wildflowers—weren’t quite “fall” looking enough. Some deft tweaking in Photoshop took care of that quite nicely.