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I just entered this image into PDN’s new photo contest: “The Look – Where Fashion Meets Art” and I’d love your help.

The judges are all big cheeses in the photo industry…and I have to impress them on the merits of my work alone to win the Grand Prize: an expense-paid shoot at prestigious Milk Studios in New York City.

But if I get enough votes, I can win People’s Choice! And then I get…um….I dunno…a gold star or something.

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Grey Sunshine

A handbag company, Grey Sunshine, asked me to shoot a bunch of photos for their new marketing materials. Our location was the scenic Sylvan Dale Ranch in Estes Park, Colorado.

Along with photos of the bags by themselves, and toted by the model, I shot a bunch of atmospheric “place studies” that featured nothing but the environment and the light that pervaded it. These are some of my favorites.

It’s not until just this very moment, as I see these three images together in this post, that I recognize—besides the light—another commonality they share: an almost (but how could it be?) haphazard division of the frame by chaotic diagonal lines, that gives these images a dynamic quality alongside the tranquil feeling they convey.

And no, not quite haphazard.  I see with such automatic deliberateness that composition is second nature to me, even when it’s intentionally done in an off-the-cuff manner. And that’s exactly how I wanted these shots to look…unaffected…offering up for the viewer a chance to fall in love with a beautiful place, one casual glimpse at a time.

Jewelry Shoot

smIMG_9240smIMG_9320_bwTake a look at these excerpts from a shoot I did for a jewelry designer.

These shots were done in the lobby of the Jet Hotel in downtown Denver, using nothing but the lush natural light that flows through the sheer white drapes over the giant windows…the kind of light you just can’t get out of a can.

I’d actually brought a slew of lights, reflectors, the whole kit and caboodle…and I didn’t use any of it. The light in that big room was so amazing…why mess with perfection?

smIMG_9080The models were pretty good, too. All amateurs, they were friends of the client, roped in for the day just to help out. Sometimes (well…frequently) I like shooting non-models…they can bring a fresh and authentic look that paradoxically comes from not knowing what they are doing.

Burning Man

Burning Man 2008. A great deal of personal effort this year was expended towards making this once-in-a-lifetime trek out to Nevada. Although this was my first visit to the playa, I went with Burning Man veteran Brandie Bond, fellow photographer and fire dancer. This trip would be special because Brandie’s close affiliation with the Burning Man in-crowd and scheduled pre-burn fire perfomance (which was sadly canceled due to dust storms) would give me up-front access. Continue reading