Monster Mash

Art in The City and Bad Art for Bad People hosted a major bash here at the studio in celebration of Day of the Dead. Fire dancers, bands, freaky cool art covering the walls, and a couple hundred people made for a killer time. As per the usual agenda, our mayhem completely drowned out the bands playing at the bar across the street.


AIGA meets Magnet Mafia

img_5167Last week saw a cool event take place here at the img_5347studio: an AIGA-sponsored event by Magnet Mafia, an ensemble that specializes in street-style, post-anywhere-ferrous art.

Fifty graphic designers were given a slew of art supplies and let loose with magnet sheets to collage upon, stencil upon, draw and paint upon. We made a big mess, and had a incredible time creating with [gasp!] our hands instead of a mouse.