“I’m Tellin’ You” Music Video

When my friend Justin Spicer (aka Too Young Too Understand) asked me to collaborate with him on the video for his new single, “I’m Tellin’ You,” I was more than happy to comply. His idea was to create a music video as a sophisticated slide show of still images, and coincidentally, I’d just been reading and pondering about how to do exactly that.

Justin’s music is…oh, how to categorize it? World-music influenced indie-pop?? I dunno…and he might be just as loathe to pigeon-hole it. Regardless, the lyrics have a poignant sincerity that comes only from personal experience, and likewise, Justin’s rough “script” for the video came from a definite autobiographical place that he knew would resonate with me.

We shot several thousand frames over at least half a dozen separate shoots, whittled them down to the hero shots, I did post-production on the still images, and then Justin did all the editing in Final Cut.

Take a look, and let me know what you think!

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